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Terms and Conditions

Valid from 22 September 2017 until revocation

This GTC contains the terms and conditions of purchase and ordering in the webshop of packaging material and packaging machines on kollarpakk.hu.

Please read this carefully before using the webshop. If you have any questions or remarks, contact us at our contact details on our Operator Data.

Owner and operator information

Company: Kollár Pakk Ltd

Headquarter: 6724 Szeged Csalogány utca 24., Hungary


  • Budapest office and storage: 1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 250. I. emelet; Börze kereskedőház
  • Szeged factory and office: 6771 Szeged-Szőreg, Külterület 2.

Tax number: 11097978-2-06

EU Tax number: HU11097978

Company Registration Number: 06-09-003646

Bank account: 11998006-02614702-00000000

NAIH (Hungarian GDPR Authority) registration number: NAIH-87766/2015.

Language of contract: Hungarian

Contact information:

E-mail: webshop@kollarpakk.hu

Phone: +36 1-800-8089

Open hours, processing orders: Mon-Thur: 8.00-16.00, Fri: 8.00-15.00

The range of products available in the Webshop

Our webshop is available in two groups:

  • Can be taken immediately
  • Request for custom size (packaging material)
  • For hire (packing machines)

Types of products:

  • Packaging materials: films, trays, bags and pouches
  • Packaging machines

Please note that some of our machines that can be requested on our site are not included in the webshop. These packing machines are available from the kollarpakk.hu main page, from the Packaging machines menu.

Territorial scope

The delivery of products is available in Hungary with the shipping fees specified later.

It is also possible to have a personal receipt at the specified locations, at a pre-agreed date, during the opening hours.

If the order is made out of Hungary by shipment, our staff will contact the customer about the delivery charges.

The webshop serves only companies, institutions and organizations with a valid tax number. If you do not have this, or if you are a private person, please contact our staff.

Ordering information

You can check in without registering at the webshop, but you will need to register for the order.

Registration process

Registration at the start of the order process can be initiated at the webshop, and our existing customers can initiate their webshop registration at our contacts.

When registering, you must enter a user name and email address. Use of space for a username is allowed. Only punctuation, hyphen, and underscore can be used. We recommend that you select the name of the buyer / company / institution / organization as your username.

It is important that you enter a valid e-mail address for registration, verify its accuracy.

By clicking the Register button, a system automatically generates an email generated automatically to the specified e-mail address during the registration process, where you will find a link to a one-time login. Click on the link to arm your registration, add more data, and set your password.

You can access the registered user name and password at any time during the order of the webshop or at the following link: kollarpakk.hu/user

You can edit your personal data sheet and view your orders.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password by clicking on the Forgot Password button on the login page. In this case, the system will automatically generate an email that contains a one-time login link. Clicking on it, you can set a new password on the registration interface.

Processing your orders

If the order is delivered outside the opening hours, it will be processed the next working day.

Images displayed on the product datasheets may differ from reality, in some cases they are illustrated. Our company is not responsible for any unplanned changes to any technical specifications.

We reserve the right to partially or completely reject any orders already acknowledged. Partial delivery can only take place after consultation with the customer.

Order process

  1. For the product you want to buy, select the quantity or where it is listed, the standard size, then click on the Buy button
  2. If you would like to add more items to your cart, you can still search by clicking on the Webshop.
  3. When you have finished sorting, you can see the basket content by clicking the Basket icon or the "basket" in the green bar at the top of the current page. If necessary, remove unnecessary item and change the amount. By updating, you can update your data by clicking Update Basket.
  4. If the basket contains the desired products and quantities, click on the Payment button at this point to sign up for a previously created account or ask for a new registration.
  5. You must provide the following information to submit the order:

Billing name and address

Delivery name and address, or if it matches billing information, jam it

Tax number

Contact Name and Contact Information

  1. In the next step, you have to select the pick-up method. In the case of delivery, a delivery price calculated based on the weight of the ordered product is stated on the basis of the delivery fee table, in the order of the packaging material.
  2. In the next step, you'll find the Order Summary, and here you can choose your payment method. When a bank transfer is selected, the information required for the transfer is displayed. In case of withdrawal, the relevant delivery charges and the delivery condition will be displayed.
  3. If the order is correct, click on Submit Order to finish the order.
  4. After the order has been sent, the order number and a link will appear on the screen where you can check your submitted orders at any time after signing in. At the same time you will receive a confirmation email to the registered email address, which also contains the ordering and shipping information.

Bidding process

If you want a custom size for the selected packaging material, just click on the "Request to Custom Size" instead of placing the product in the product datasheet. In this case, the contracting authority receives a form that can be sent by clicking on the Submit button. On the basis of the call for proposals, our staff will contact you and will send you their bids for sufficient information.

Receipt mode

During the ordering process, you can choose the delivery mode as specified in the order process.

You can currently choose from the following options:

  • Receipt at Kollár Pakk's premises: In this case, you will be taken over at the site stated on the order at opening hours or at an individual agreed-upon time. In this case, no shipping fee will be charged, the shipment is the responsibility of the customer.
  • By Delivery: The ordered product will be delivered to the specified shipping address for delivery. Orders received in the morning will be delivered the next day. Orders arriving after 12:00 are delivered within 2 days.


You can choose the form of payment when ordering. You currently have the following payment options:

  • Bank Transfer. Reference is to be made to the account number indicated by the GTC in the operator data. In this case, the order number of the order should be indicated in the transfer notice.

Important! Received orders are processed. If you approve, we will send you another e-mail that will retrieve the transfer information. If you can not partly or partially make the order for any reason, our co-worker will indicate this in the contact details provided. Therefore, please wait for our feedback on the approval or our associate's application for negotiation before you pay the prize.

  • Cash on delivery. In the case of a redemption order, the fee will be payable upon receipt of the product. It is reasonable to pay by cash on delivery when requested.
  • Cash with cash on invoice in Budapest and Szeged.
  • Credit card in our Budapest office.

Receipt of invoice

If you are looking for shipping, you will find the invoice in the delivered package. At the time of receipt, we will hand over the invoice personally.

Shipping charges

If you are looking for shipping, the following fees will be charged:

Shipping fee:
Up to 20 kg in the entire country: 1 500 HUF + VAT
20-40 kg: 3 000 HUF + VAT
Above 40 kg: 1 500 FT + VAT / 20 kg

In case of delivery outside Hungary, we calculate the individual delivery fee depending on the destination location.

Data handling

When using the web shop, the personal information provided to Kollár Pakk Kft. Is treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to any other party. Exceptions to this are courier services for delivering ordered products, which only provide the data necessary for the delivery, such as contact name and phone number.

Our contracted partner for shipment:

Mixpakk Kft.
Location: 1116 Budapest, Fonyód út 2.
Billing Address: 1119 Budapest, Rátz László u. 26th
Tax number: 24114640-2-43

While browsing the webshop, technical information is recorded for statistical purposes. (IP address, duration of visit, etc.). Kollár Pakk Kft. Shall only pass this information on to legally justified and supported cases by the authorities. You must enable cookies to access the service. If you do not want to allow cookies, you can disable it in your browser settings. When blocking cookies, some features of the service are only partially or totally unavailable. Learn more about managing your data in our Privacy Policy.

Server operation and development, hosting service

Axon Produkt Kft.

Contact details of the service provider: http://axonltd.hu/