Our main activity is the production and distribution of packaging material (pouches, foil, trays, labels) and distribution of high quality packaging machines. However, we also undertake printing, foil and wrapping tasks.


With a 800mm wide, solvent-based smoothing machine, we also undertake waxing material.

We can even cover any kind of foil, even up to 7 micron aluminum foil.

We also undertake the production of duplex and triplex foils, in combination with our painting machine, we can also provide sandwich-film finishing.


We take 6 color (4color + 2direkt) film coatings for your own or with your own base, with a crusty, ceramic raster cylinder technology.

The maximum print size is 750mm

We also undertake painting and layering, called sandwich painting.

You can also rely on graphic design and clichés. We use only long-lasting cliches that are perfect for quality painting, but are owned by our customers.


We undertake to produce the following types of bags:

  • 3 or 2 sides welded flat pouches (min size: 40x50mm max size: 600x2000mm)
  • Stand-up pouch (min. size: 90x150mm max.size:300x600mm)
  • Side gusset bag (min. size:110x200mm max.size:300x400mm)
  • Zipper bag (min. size:90x200mm max.size:300x500mm)

In addition to the sachets, we can also produce max 600 mm hose in either silver / gold - transparent designs.

In all cases, the bag material should be tested on the ready-to-machine machines to make sure that we can create perfect welding.